PNT Research Center

Privacy e New Technologies Research Center

Founded in June 2017, the Privacy e New Technologies Research Center (Centro Studi Privacy & Nuove Tecnologie), headquartered in Rome, is characterized by reasearch and study pruposes in the field on rights and freedoms with special, but not exclusive, attention to personal data protection and new technologies.

The Association- which has among its Founding Members public managers, university professors, engeneers and lawyers- comprises expert and scholars from various field of studies. The members partecipate on a personal level in the Association, regardless of their occupation and employement before various realities, and they contribute to the Association research purposes in full autonomy of judgement and indipendence, without involving in any way the subject and entity which they work for or belong to.

The Association operates in full autonomy and indipendence.

In order to follow the abovementioned purposes the Association, among the others:

  • organizes and partecipates to research activities, workshops, conferences, roundtables, conventions, in-depht studies also in the context of european and international projects;
  • esure the publication of studies, researches and in-shights, also in the form of monographies and journals, relying on every useful multi-medial tool offered by technology;
  • organizes scholarships relating to the completion of specializations;
  • promotes calls for studies publication in the subject matters of interest;
  • support the development of research in the subjects of interest;
  • enters in agreements and promotes collaborations with public and private entities;
  • creates a network system also through the creation of sub-offices in suitable locations, in order to reach better its social purposes;
  • takes part in public and private associations, entities and institutions, which activity is aiming, directly or indirectly to the pursuing of scopes similar to the ones pursued by the Association;
  • the Association might also participate in the constitution of said organisms.

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I have read the information provided pursuant to art. 13 EU Reg. N. 679/2016 "GDPR" and available at the following link




I have read the information provided pursuant to art. 13 EU Reg. No. 679/2016 "GDPR" and available at the following link