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What is it?

Easy Privacy is the legal consulting service designed for micro and small businesses willing to start the privacy compliance route but convinced that an high level consultancy would be too expensive and time-consuming for them.

Now a beginning GDPR compliance pathway it is accessible.

Easy Privacy, thanks to the use of an innovative online platform for the management of privacy implementation (UTOPIA) combined with remotely consulting sessions with one of our Law Firm legal consultant, brings also to the smallest organizations the value of our customized legal support.

And, even with parameters in order to create an higly accessible and affordable consultancy, we are more than certain that, between the price paid and the value obtained, the second one will considerably prevail on the first.

How does it work

Thanks to Easy Privacy also the smallest organizations will be able to benefit from a customized service consisting in the legal support to the compilation of the record of processing ex art. 30 of GDPR and will be able to create the needed documentation (privacy policies, consent modules, authorizations for the employees, contractual annexes for external data processors, instructions and procedures).

Everything realized easily though remotely sessions led by a Law Firm legal consultant.

It’s important to underline that the same legal consultant will assist the entity during the compliance process. This is an essential aspect in order to ensure an effective and customized legal support.

Learning in details about the entity and its components is the only way to create together a long-lasting valuable service.

If you compile this survey  (coming link) and provide us your contact details you’ll receive a quotation specific for your organization.

Once you have agreed to the quotation, a Law Firm legal consultant will contact you and support you in each step of the process.

Discover more

Easy Privacy provides for a remotely legal consulting without any additional software installation requirement: record and documents will be realized thought the use of a tool cloud SAAS (purchase at the expense of the Client).

The service consists in different steps:

  • First meeting: -Training session on Data Protection, coaching for creating accounts on UTOPIA, delivery and explanation of the survey needed for the record of processing realization, setting of the survey delivery timing, setting of the second meeting date.
    Backoffice activity by the legal consultant using the information provided by the Client in the survey filled out in order to create a draft of the record of processing activites on UTOPIA.
  • Second meeting:the draft of the record of processing activities realized by the legal consultant is illustrated, Client special training on the use of UTOPIA, Q&As, setting of the third meeting date.
  • Third meeting: verify and validation of the record of processing content included by the Client, drafting of the documents (authorizations, annexes, etc.), documents export to .doc format, final Q&As.


UTOPIA – Tool SAAS for GDPR compliance

The Easy Privacy service requires the tool cloud UTOPIA (for more information click here ) the Client (in the event of activation of the Easy Privacy service) may purchase an annual subscription ONE or ONE PLUS at a reduced price following the instruction provided by the legal consultant.

Constant update

Our Clients are our priority! This is the reason why our support is not limited to the Easy Privacy activities.

If the Client wishes, he can request for the following years the Annual Update, a light version of the Easy Privacy service. Annual Update consists in two remotely sessions of legal update, Q&As, update of the documents and record of processing activities.

Contact us. We are available for a comparison without obligation.

I have read the information provided pursuant to art. 13 EU Reg. N. 679/2016 "GDPR" and available at the following link




I have read the information provided pursuant to art. 13 EU Reg. No. 679/2016 "GDPR" and available at the following link
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